Originally from a small town in Arizona, Steven took an interest in computers and eastern culture at an early age. He fell in love with software engineering as a small child when his father’s colleague first taught him how to build a web page. After that, he discovered a shareware game called RoboWar in which he programmed software-simulated robots to battle against those made by other competitors from around the world in semi-anual tournaments (entries were taken via floppy disk).

From building simulated robots with RoboWar on his 33Mhz Mac Performa, he went on to intern at Cisco Systems while in High School, work at Cisco Learning Institute while studying Computer Systems Engineering at ASU, build web and iOS products for StumbleUpon after moving to San Francisco, and finally start Pin Pin LLC while traveling the world.

His firm belief that he was a ninja at age 8 inspired him to study martial arts and to eventually take on self-studying Mandarin Chinese. He is still a dedicated Chinese student today and his works are largely inspired by the Chinese language and culture.



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