Best Egg Puffs in Hong Kong

Egg puffs (also known as eggettes, egg waffles, chinese waffles, bubble waffles, gai daan jai, ji dan zai, 雞蛋仔, and a number of other names) are a simple, yet ridiculously good southern Chinese (Cantonese) dessert. But, even though the ingredients are simple, it takes the right tools and a great deal of practice to make them right.

Where to buy the best egg puffs 雞蛋仔 and waffles 格仔餅

Just outside of Shau Kei Wan Station Exit B1 筲箕灣出口B1 (off the MTR Island line 港島綫) a small shop is tucked away at the end of a small street. The small shop is called 低調高手大街小食 and can easily be spotted by the big queue of people lined up waiting to order their egg puffs 雞蛋仔 and waffles 格仔餅.

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The first time we came here it was just starting to rain, but there was still a steady stream of customers dropping by. And, even though the queue built up a few times, we waited for only a couple minutes.

Egg Puff Storefront
Waiting in line for some tasty treats

The egg puffs 雞蛋仔 were perfectly crispy on the outside yet nice-and-soft on the inside. We asked the ladies working a few questions about the production and they were happy to explain and let us snap a couple photos of the production.

Best Egg Puffs Hong Kong
Egg puffs 雞蛋仔

The egg puffs 雞蛋仔 were so good we all ended up ordering waffles as well which turned out to be just as good.

Best Egg Waffle Hong Kong Steven Belous
Enjoying a waffle 格仔餅

I’ve had my share of egg puffs 雞蛋仔 and waffles 格仔餅 around the world and in Hong Kong 香港 and these are definitely the best I’ve had. The texture and flavor were perfectly to all of our tastes.