Finding Rock Climbing

Ben showed me the ropes, literally

I started climbing in San Francisco after a pretty awesome coworker showed me the ropes at Mission Cliffs. Despite the many dedicated climbers here, the gym always felt like a really laid back place to me and I never really took the sport too seriously. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and continued to climb once a week or so.

MIssion Cliffs Ben Top Rope Rock Climbing width=
My coworker giving me a top rope demo and training
Mission Cliffs Beginner Steven Belous Rock Climbing
Me, giving it a go

I started to truly appreciate the sport in London

When I got to London, I really wanted to find a good climbing gym and lucked out when my girlfriend and I stumbled upon the West 1 climbing gym at the Seymour Centre. Here, a few great climbers/instructors with a true love of the sport, Mike, Tig and Vini, inspired me to grow as a climber and instilled a sense of passion for rock climbing in me.

West 1 Rock Climbing Seymour Centre
Planning a climb at West 1, Seymour Centre

Just before I left London, Emily and I took a lead climbing class with Mike and Tig that laid a very important rock climbing foundation for my future growth. I had a lot of great times at that gym and already miss everyone there.

Taiwan inspires me to take rock climbing to the next level

I already knew that there was a rich climbing culture in Taiwan before I got here, but I was still taken by surprise when I witnessed the level of skill I found in the gyms here.

Nei Hu Upside Down Lead Climbing
Lead climbing, upside-down, with no shoes. This guy inspires me to up my game!

I feel fortunate to have met a great climber and friend here, Swei. This weekend, Swei took me out to 龍洞 (Dragon Cave, Lóng Dòng) to experience outdoor climbing for the first time. He led all of the routes which gave me a chance to get familiar with the outdoor setting via top rope before practicing some leading myself : )

Long Dong Rock Climbing Taiwan Hike
Hike/warm-up on the way to the cliffs at Long Dong, Taiwan
Long Dong Rock Climbing Taiwan Cliff
Climbing one of the many routes at Long Dong, Taiwan
Long Dong Rock Climbing Taiwan Looking Down
Taking a moment to enjoy the view before finishing the route
Long Dong Rock Climbing Taiwan View width=
Hanging out on a ledge after climbing a longer route

Climb on

I’m happy to be climbing with people that are so much better than me and that love the sport as well. I can see I have a long way to go before I catch up to Swei, but the more I climb with him, the more I grow and want to grow. The only thing left to do is climb on : )

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