Dragon’s Back Hong Kong Trail Hike to Big Wave Bay

While in Hong Kong 香港, we spend most of our time in the city. That is, until our friend invited to do some hiking. She took us to Dragon’s Back Hong Kong Trail 龍脊, which is one of many smaller trails along the greater Hong Kong Trail 港島徑. The trail is suitable for beginners, but offers some very rewarding views. It’s also conveniently located just outside the city and easily accessible via the MTR 港鐵.

How to get to Dragon’s Back Hong Kong Trail 龍脊港島徑

To get to the trailhead, we took the MTR Island line 港島綫 to Shau Kei Wan 筲箕灣 station. From there we took exit A3 to the bus station and transferred to bus number 9, Shek O 石澳 to the To Tei Wan 土地灣 stop which was right in front of the trailhead.

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The path from Dragon’s Back 龍脊 to Shek O Peak 打爛埕頂山 and Big Wave Bay 大浪灣

At the trailhead we found some portable toilets, a map of Hong Kong Trail 港島徑, and a sign directing us to Dragon Back 龍脊. From there we just continued to following the Dragon Back Trail 龍脊 signs until we reached Shek O peak 打爛埕頂山.

Sign posts to Dragon's Back Hong Kong Trail
Sign posts to Dragon’s Back
Dragon's Back Hong Kong Trail Rolling Hills
The rolling hills along the trail
Shek O Peak
Shek O Peak 打爛埕頂山
Shek O Peak View Dragon's Back Hong Trail
One of many rewarding views from the trail peak

After enjoying the scenery at the peak, taking a lot of pictures, and getting blasted by the strong winds, we continued on towards Big Wave Bay 大浪灣. The trail transitioned into a paved road at which point we turned right and passed by two small picnic sites. Just after the second picnic site, we came across a sign pointing us to the right and down a narrow series of steps to Big Wave Bay 大浪灣.

A picnic site on Hong Kong Trail
The second picnic site
Sign to Big Wave Bay
Sign post to Big Wave Bay 大浪灣

Big Wave Bay 大浪灣 and an Ancient Rock Carving 古代石刻

The trail eventually opened up to a small town, a large parking lot, and continued on to the beach. Surfing gear was available for rent at a few small shops in town, and a few vendors and restaurants we set up on/near the beach. Several barbecue grills were also available just a few steps from the beach.

Big Wave Bay
Through the town and to the beach
Big Wave Bay Beach
Restaurants at the beach

We spotted a sign for an Ancient Rock Carving 古代石刻 near the barbecue sites and followed the short trail around the edge of the bay to check it out.

Ancient Rock Carving
Signs for the Ancient Rock Carving 古代石刻
Hong Kong Ancient Rock Carving
Ancient Rock Carving 古代石刻
Big Wave Bay Beach Dragon's Back Hong Kong Trail
Both locals and tourists come here to surf and enjoy the beach

To get home we took a private coach just up the road from the beach for $10 HKD to Shau Kei Wan Station 筲箕灣. And, while at Shau Kei Wan Station 筲箕灣, we stopped and had the best egg puffs and waffles in Hong Kong.

Trail Summary

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: ~3km
Time: 2-3 hours (walking)
Loop Trail: No
Notes: Lots of fairly steep steps and high winds at the top, but not at all cold

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