Opportunity costs

Wishes cost nothing unless you want them to come true.
– Frank Tyger

One of the most challenging things I face on a daily basis is making decisions. Not because every decision I make is some sort of grave or life-changing decision. Nor is it because I’m of indecisive nature. Rather, the more I delve deeper into my own business and products, the more opportunities seem to present themselves.

Opportunities from without

I have job opportunities being presented from recruiters, friends, and family. A lot of which are pretty undesirable but others are pretty interesting. Each time an opportunity arrises, I have to choose whether I attempt to seize it, or continue to focus on what I’m already working on. Since my current business is relatively new and not yet self-sustaining, taking a job that pays regularly is high on my list of temptations.

Opportunities from within

When building products, I continuously imagine new features, designs and ways to tweak things. All of which usually require a considerable amount of time. And, even those that can be done quickly would still require me to set down whatever I am currently doing in order to implement them.

It seems simple enough: quickly and realistically evaluate opportunity costs, weigh them, then act accordingly.

The reality is actually quite challenging though. When I make a decision that doesn’t pay off or turns out to be at the cost of a better alternative, I have to learn to accept it or at least live with it. Also, the time and effort associated with evaluating all of these opportunities is itself another opportunity cost and feeds back into the equation.

One step at a time
Taking things one (sometimes awkward) step at a time

It all seems a bit overwhelming at times and not everything is clear, but I do feel like this is the right path for me at this point in my life. Well, maybe not the right path, but at least the right direction.

In summary: I actually don’t know how to evaluate all of this, and that’s scary. But here I am. And, here I go 🙂

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  • Steve,

    I am proud of you. You have made some big decisions in life, but have done so in a responsible manner.
    From what I’ve observed, you do a careful job weighing your options and do not act on foolish impulse.

    Just take a look at this picture in detail… analyze where you are now and what you’ve accomplished. You have grown tremendously in such a short period of time. Keep up the positive spirit, and that strong desire to grow. You have a bright future ahead of you.

    Much love,
    Your Brother Alex